We are a team of fans for sports and music festivals. Some of us when we got together thought about why it was not easier to find accommodation near the event and that it suited our needs. Something as simple as this!

Furthermore we wanted the event to generate additional income. Why not?

It was then, when we recluted  a talented team of developers and decided to start the project. We valued the different possibilities existing in the market, and of all of them, the main added value was being closer to the event and being able to visualize the Airbnb apartments and all the hotel availability around the event. This is how Closer2Event was born. We got down to work and got the trust of our suppliers with exclusive agreements.

Our ultimate goal is to help the event to offer the best user experience for attendees interested in finding the best accommodation at the best price. We have seen that if you do well, this really makes a difference.

Every day we are developing new functions to make the map more perfect.

We do what we like. And the events are happy with us. What else would you want;)