1. Introduction


Closer2Event is a tech company that provides an accommodation map solution for event attendees who need to search for a place to stay during an event. It is a widget that can be easily integrated within a website and also embedded in an iframe.

URL example: https://map.closer2event.com/?event=your_event

2. Where should we placed the map?

There are several options. The main goal is to make the widget accessible for the event attendees before they start searching on their own.

Best places to display this widget/map for ticketing platforms:

  • On the ticketing platform (Event info page)
  • On the ‘thank you’, after-purchase page
  • Within the confirmation e-mail after the ticket purchase
  • Within an email (after a ticketing purchase, a separate email with “Accommodation options”)
  • On Social media posts

Integration options:

  1. Direct link that opens the map in a new tab (banner or even a special menu tab)
  2. Map embedded in an iframe within the website

3. Creation of Accommodation Maps:

To create different maps, there are 4 options:

  • Option 1: URL parameters using Latitude and Longitude of the location

  • Option 2: URL parameters using address of the location.

  • Option 3: API instructions.

  • Option 4: Manually using Closer2Event dasboard.

The most common alternative is option 1 - if the only thing you want to change between the maps is the location and event dates.

If you need to change the logos, colors and markers on each map, then you need to use option 2.

Option 1: URL parameters to change

&check_in=”yyyy-mm-dd” (check in is usually the date of the event)
&check_out=”yyyy-mm-dd” (check out is usually the date after the event)
&center.lat=”number” (This is the Latitude were the map is centered)
&center.lng=”number” (This is the Longitude were the map is centered)
&markers.0.lat=”number” (This is the Latitude of the event venue)
&markers.0.lng=”number” (This is the Longitude of the event venue)
&param_1=”text” (Optional - External key)
&param_2=”text” (Optional - External key)
&param_3=”text” (Optional - External key)

Note: Normally “center” and “markers” have the same coordinates

"param_1", "param_2" and "param_3" are usually used to map user ids, event tags and any custom information required

Example of the URL:


Option 2: URL parameters to change (using Address)

addr=”text” (The street address of your event)
&check_in=”yyyy-mm-dd” (check in is usually the date of the event)
&check_out=”yyyy-mm-dd” (check out is usually the date after the event)
&param_1=”text” (Optional - External key)
&param_2=”text” (Optional - External key)
&param_3=”text” (Optional - External key)

Note: For this option use map2.closer2event.com instead of map.closer2event.com

"param_1", "param_2" and "param_3" are usually used to map user ids, event tags and any custom information required

Example of the URL:

https://map2.closer2event.com?addr=Tech City, Barcelona&lang=en&check_in=2020-09-07&check_out=2020-09-10&event=your_event

Option 3: API instructions:

Closer2event has developed an API specifically for ticketing platforms so that an event map can be automatically created.

After the signature of the agreement, Closer2event will facilitate access codes to the API.

The Ticketing platform should test the API and generate some maps until most of the fields regarding the widget customisation (color, logos, markers, etc…) are correctly defined.

Once approved, we can start generating maps through the API (we recommend a first set of 50-100 events to test that everything is working properly)

Option 4: Manual

From the access to your dashboard, by clicking on “Events” in the menu, you can create and modify any map manually.

4. Implementation of the map in the Website or in your APP. Iframe Instructions

Below is the iframe code to embed the widget within your website:


  • "iframe" must be placed in the "body" of the html
  • "script" can be placed in the "head" tag, or in the "body" tag

However, if you prefer to direct customers to your map without using the widget, please use the following link: https://map.closer2event.com/?event=your_event

5. UTM: Tracking of metrics (traffic and sales)

To maximise conversion, it is highly recommended to make the map accessible with just One click (maximum Two), combined with active social media and/or mail marketing campaigns.

It is important to use the UTM´s correctly so that you can keep track within your dashboard of where booking are taking place. For this purpose, please use the following UTM's:

Option on website menu:


Map on website homepage:


Map on ticketing webpage:


Thank you page:


Confirmation email:




Facebook campaign/post:


Instagram campaign/post:


Twitter campaign/post:


6. Call to action/Banners examples:

6.1. Examples of Banners you can use:

Here are some examples that have worked great in the confirmation email and in the event webpage which you can use or get inspired from:

6.2.Thank you page real examples:

6.3 Confirmation mail real examples:

7. Social media campaigns


By adding the URL in your facebook posts (https://map.closer2event.com/?event=your_event&utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=facebook), it will automatically generate the image that is linked to your event map. It should look like the example displayed below: