Terms and conditions

CLOSER2EVENT platform It is a digital map showing the accommodations with availability in real time that are closest to an event. The content of the hotels is supplied by the different inventory providers where CLOSER has different affiliate agreements. Transactions or purchases made by end users are made in the portals of our suppliers under their own terms and conditions. In the digital map you can also add hotels selected specifically for the event and where the end users can make the final transaction in the selected hotel payment gateway itself.

Terms of the partnership "service contract"

A. Website of THE COMPANY where the travel portal is implemented, for instance: www.eventwebsite.com
B. Duration of the contract: This contract will have a duration of 2 years from the signing of the contract, automatically extendable for successive periods of equal duration unless any of the parties expressly state otherwise with a prior written notice of at least 2 months.
C. Modification, suspension and termination of the part of permanence.
The agreement of permanence with "The Company" may be modified or even suspended anytime when both parties consider it opportune prior written notice of at least 2 months.
D. Commission Income
THE COMPANY will receive a stipulated percentage on all bookings/ year (12 months) of the net profit obtained by Closer2event on the sales produced in the reservation portals of our affiliated suppliers**, such as; Hotels Combined, Airbnb, Expedia, Hotel Beds, and Booking among others, and that are derived thanks to the implementation of the digital map on the event website. Closer receives revenues from each of its suppliers, all of them of recognized international reputation that provide us with all the necessary information to know the origin and volume of sales produced. In the event that the COMPANY does not reach a minimum of € 100 in commissions, Closer2event will not pay any commission as it is not reaching a minimum number of sales.
**Affiliated providers are not exclusive or limited in number. Closer may increase or decrease the selection of suppliers depending on the agreements and the offer offered for a specific event.
E. Form of Payment
The aforementioned amount will be payable within 15 days after the end of the date on which the event takes place. Payment will be made by bank transfer that is detailed after receipt of the corresponding invoice. THE COMPANY may receive, upon request, a report on the progress in sales and commissions to be received every 1st of the month.
F. Promotion of travel services.
THE COMPANY and Closer agree to participate in the promotion of accommodation services and travel packages on the web pages referenced above, while THE COMPANY is committed to using other promotional channels such as promotional banners or Direct Mails online to its own database or even promotion in social networks, twitter and Facebook, periodically from the date of the contract and until the date of ending the event itself.
G. Confidential Information.
Each party acknowledges that all information about the other party's business is proprietary and confidential information and therefore should not be disclosed to third parties ("confidential information”).<br>Regarding the processing of personal data and data protection law, please refer to the section of the Privacy Policy defined in the corresponding section on this website.
H. Ownership of the content; Licenses
Closer acknowledges being the owner of the copyrights of the developed technology and therefore of the use and exploitation of the Closer2Event reservation portal.
Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Closer grants THE COMPANY a limited and non-exclusive license agreement (without the right to grant sublicenses) to access the travel portal
I. Law that governs.
This Agreement and all matters or problems related to it will be governed by Spanish laws, in Spain and in the courts of the city of Barcelona.