Integration Guide

Find herewith the 6 "touching points" to maximize conversion rate and bookings in your event website and communications. Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to support you by giving you best practices, our expertise and banners to succeed with a good implementation for your event.


To be placed in a home page is the best "touchpoint" for your users and attendees. Better to be placed in 1 click access than in two or three. As users will only take profit of this accommodation info if you show them easy access. Otherwise, they will probably not look for accommodation on your website.

Website menu bar

If there is a menu bar on your website, it is one of the best approaches you can offer to your users and attendees. The closer to the ticketing info the better.

Thank you page

To be placed in the "Thank you page" once your attendees have already bought the tickets. By using a pop-up message or a banner would be a great idea too.

Confirmation order email

This is one of the best touching points and a great cross-selling moment, as there is no friction at any moment during the ticketing purchase order. We encourage you to set up this touching point as one of the best options to complete the above key points mentioned.

Social media post

One of our favourites touching points to increase bookings is social posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your attendees and followers will appreciate getting the best accommodation option to reach the venue in an eye click.


Always helping you to generate more engagement on your event website. A thread of communication with your fans that never fails and helps you to improve conversion ratios to sales.